Sonny Del-Rio Come-Back Show
05/20/16Sonny Del-Rio
with the Five Star Revue
6:00p447 Wing Air Force Club


Blues With a Feeling Blues Cruise
06/05/16Sonny Del-Rio
with Trick Bag
6:00pHamilton Harbour


Sonny Del-Rio & Dan Thomas Street Scene
06/17/16Sonny Del-Rio
with various artists
7:00pPremier Club


Happy Birthday Canada Celebration
Free Party & Cake Courtesy of Scott Duvall M.P.
07/01/16Sonny Del-Rio
and the Five Star Revue
11:00aConcession St. Park


Rock the Park for Jesse & all Murder Victims
07/01/16Sonny Del-Rio
with many Special Guests.
10:00pFernbrook Resort


Sonny Del-Rio & Dan Thomas Street Scene
09/16/16Sonny Del-Rio
with many Special Guests.
7:00p526 Concession Street



Hey everbody! Secret Santa here reporting from the Del Rio camp at the North Pole! Well, would you believe North Hamilton? :)

I'm here to tell you that Sonny Del Rio is still doing what he does best... playing the sax and to prove it he will be hosting the 16th annual HAMILTON HOMETOWN CHRISTMAS show.

The show will take place at the Bay City Music Hall on Sunday December 4th. Doors open at 6:30pm and the music starts at 7:00pm.

Sonny would like to thank all his Family, Friends and Fans for their words of encouragement and Prayers. It was a great help during this very dificult time.

The show is in support of 'An Instrument For Every Child' and 'The Spectator Summer Camp For Kids'.

Hope to see you there. Peace, love and music... Sonny... or rather... make that Santa :)!

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